Global Cry Spiritual Renewal & Evolution


The concept of spiritual evolution has been taught in Buddhism. William Sturgis Bigelow – a physician and Buddhist – attempted to merge biology with spirituality. He accepted the existence of both material and spiritual realms Bigelow used the concept of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution. According to the author, spiritual evolution involves an individual emerging from “unconditioned consciousness” and moving “up the scale of evolution guided by natural selection”. Then the individual moves to a level of celestial experience, and finally is able to “return to the unconditioned consciousness from which all things emerge”.

There are three transformation processes within the evolution of the Consciousness ordinary Consciousness, awakening or the level of complete freedom. The lowest level of the evolution process of the Consciousness is ordinary is the lowest level of the evolution process of the Consciousness. Ordinary Consciousness is rooted in, and feeds on, past times, this level of consciousness is programmed at a very early age. Programs are in the form of religion, government, and education these institutions usually inform us what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. This form of consciousness is link to the ego that sees the future as the past with minimum changes.

The next phase of consciousness is an awareness described as the awakening, we see things in the world that we fail to be conscious of, we have a new-found perspective. A profound desire for freedom and truth arises in us. We then begin to search for the paths leading to the desired freedom. We become more conscious and alert, to find the truth for ourselves about who we are and what our mission in the world is.We no longer want to obey the old rules, old leaders, traditions and authorities. We begin to reject ready-made, second-hand theories and explanations. Instead, we acquire knowledge and experience from the world for ourselves. There is more pleasure in discovering new things, as we embark on new journeys without fear. The recognition and understanding of the meaning of Life, will liberate our Consciousness from the state of identification with the world of shapes and forms. Each person must find himself or herself what he or she is looking for.

Finally, the phase of freedom is highest peak in the evolution of the Consciousness. The  characteristic feature of this level of awareness, the acceptance of the present moment, an openness to the existence, and a celebration of life. New dimension of existence opens up for us unity behind the controversies is revealed in front of our eyes, and we no longer insist on looking on the positive side of life, as we are able to discover beauty on the unpleasant side, too. Freedom is the true escape from the world that seeks to form our thoughts. Now is the time for us to take control over our mind the world needs thinking humans instead of humans who are conditioned.

spiriutal evolution

Mother earth urges all of us to evolve plants, animals, and humans nothing stays the same on this journey called life. We all have stages in our growth process, physically, emotionally, and mentally, change is inevitable. We must embrace change for our survival, the future could not be without some form of change. Presently, humanity suffers from wars, racism, famine, illness and despair. Our inner being is crying out for change on a global level, but change starts with each individual person. Each person must take the initiative to begin their own personal transformation. Transformation sparks spiritual renewal a process that is very needed by humanity.

Spiritual renewal is a process of cleansing, reprogramming, and exercising the focus is connecting the mind, body and spirit. The spiritual dimension is very personal; it involves connecting with your sense of meaning and purpose. It could be God, peace or nature. Global Cry “The Spiritual Renewal & Evolution of Humanity” a book that was written to give individuals easy methods that help with the awakening process for spiritual renewal and evolution transformations. It covers society mental programs and step by step directions on helping others renew their mind, body and spirit. But the person must be willing to implement the methods to receive the result they desire.


by Penelope Stewart B.Msc.




Cannabis The Holy Herb



Cannabis has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries, it has a long-standing tradition in numerous world faiths. Taoist shamans used cannabis in combination with ginseng to reveal truths about the future, believing the plant had the ability to see into the future. Cannabis consumption was reserved for religious clergy and not shared with common people, that explains the strange exclusion from ancient texts. Cannabis holds a sacred spot in the Hindu faith. Shiva the locally favored Hindu deity was given offerings of cannabis drinks during religious festivals; community members took part as well, sharing cannabis bowls among one another. Herodotus, a Greek historian from the fifth century B.C.E. known as the “Father of History,” wrote that the Scythians held religious ceremonies in tent-like structures where they burned cannabis in censers on wooden tripods. Judaic and Christian traditions used the plant as well, the Hebrew word for cannabis, kaneh bosm, as calamus, a plant traditionally used to make fragrances. In Exodus, God commanded Moses to make a holy oil consisting of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, kaneh bosm, and cassia. Evidence reveals that marijuana was in use as a natural product in ancient Egypt. Egyptologists confirm that the uses for this versatile plant ranged from religious use to practical uses in everyday life such as fabric, paper,  industrial products, ands used as a natural treatment for different ailments. Egyptian deities Bast and Seshat were associated with cannabis, Seshat who was the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing, among other things, is depicted in ancient Egyptian carvings with a cannabis leaf above her head. Several researchers have suggested that the use of cannabis by the indigenous people of  North America pre-dates the arrival of Europeans in 1492. Resin scrapings reveal that the pipes contained “traces of cannabis and tobacco that is five times stronger than the tobacco smoked today.”

Cannabis spiritual benefits has the ability to open chakras the high attracts a flow of incoming subatomic particles, known as chi into the body. The chakras open to better accommodate the flow of energy  from the chakras are 4 or 5 inches across, chakras double in size affected by the high vibration of this herb. Smoking Cannabis improves  psychic connection it increases psychic power and connectivity, it gives us a better relationship with our soul, with nature and that which is called “God” a.k.a. Universal Consciousness. Cannabis has health benefits as well it treats various forms of cancer, seizure, PTSD, glaucoma, stimulate appetite, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, and many more ailments. How can a herb with so many benefits be illegal? My only assumption is that the powers that be want to keep humanity sick and disconnected from nature. We all know how dangerous alcohol, cigarettes, and prescriptions drugs are, yet they are legal and the fact is that these substances are no good for humanity.

Many people are taking upon themselves to explore the spiritual benefits of cannabis. There are organization around the globe that are reinstating the ritual use of cannabis First Church of Cannabis, International Church of Cannabis, Rastafarians, and 420 Church. has useful information on how to implement cannabis for legal religious right. Recently, I have released a book “Cannabis Shamanism The Holy Sacrament” that give instructions on how to implement cannabis use in meditation and spiritual practices. Subscribe to Kemancestry YouTube channel to learn more about this topic.

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.

Mounds Ancestral Sacred Sites



Huge mounds can be found through America and Canada. These mounds are placed near or on ley lines sometimes called energy grids. Our ancestors would use the mounds for healing ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, and other festivities. We can also use this energy to heal, to elevate, or connect with those ancient ancestors.

History call these people by various obscure culture names most popular is Pre-Colombian culture. These dark skin people have been present in the America’s for over 100,000 years. This history has been heavily suppressed African Americans are not from so called Africa we are the indigenous people of the American land.


Men were bought in from so call Africa after European settlers killed off our warriors and elders leaving a large number of children and women. Then colonial powers began to breed slaves by forcing these men to mate with our ancestors calling us by new names such as colored, Negro, or African American.

The native Americans you see today are from the so called civilized tribes who chose to assimilate with European powers and agreed to the poor treatment of their dark ancestors. A few of the native Americans refuse to do such a thing this caused major uprisings American history keeps hidden as well.

Recently, there was an article published online stating that Native Americans and slaves were buried in the same cemetery. Descendants of both groups recently came together at the site near Little Rock, Arkansas to observe unmarked African American graves among prehistoric Indian mounds, and discuss what they might do together to learn more and preserve the unmarked graves. Members of the Quapaw Tribe met with members of Preservation of African American Cemeteries (PAAC), along with Dr. John House of the Arkansas Archeological Survey and state Sen. Linda Chesterfield of Little Rock. The meeting sparked feelings of histories colliding—again, it seems—to provide a kind of closure.

It’s obvious that many officials in Arkansas know that the so called African Americans are descendants of the Pre-Columbian civilization that were in the Americas 100,000 years before Native Americans. Many Native Americans admit that they were forced to assimilate to European lifestyles to ensure their survival. Yes, the Native Americans practice racism towards their darker brothers and sisters who were the original inhabitants of the land. The Empress of Washitaw has made a life work of exposing this knowledge to the masses of African Americans that believe they are from Africa, we have been using the term Africa loosely to identify ourselves the correct term would be indigenous. Words like African, Jamaican, Native American, or Afro-Mexican are terms given to us by European powers. These terms were created to make us forget where we came from making it difficult for us to see that we were owners of the land.




If you are living near mounds or any sacred sites indigeous ancestors used for healing, spiritual gatherings, or festivities. You should consider going to these sites to meditate, the sites are filled with energy that will help upgrade our dna a gift from our ancestors. Our ancestors left these markers for us for a reason we too are meant to use them to elevate ourselves mind, body, and spirit. October 1, 2017 we will be meeting at the Toltec Mounds located in Scott, Arkansas at 3pm for Sacred Meditation, the park is open from 1pm-5pm on Sunday. If you are not able to make it to the site there is another sacred site at Willow Beach park located in Scott, Arkansas. This site is also near energy grids the park is beautiful you can feel the spiritual essence of our indigenous ancestors. I had been going there for about 18 years I was drawn to the area little did I know it was the ancestors drawing me to the location. I just know I felt better once I would visit the area, later I found out my great grandmother was from the Blackfoot tribe her original home was in Scott, Arkansas.


Many of us as African Americans have heard the low whispers in our family that we were descendants of the original Native Americans. But we dare not share this knowledge with anyone, it was difficult for us to truly believe it the Native Americans we see today look European. After archaeologist, anthropologist, and historians have done tons of research and studies it is undeniable we are truly the indigenous people of the earth. We are usually the first people on any continent in the world, the longer they dig the darker the people get. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about this subject

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.

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Narcissistic Ancestors Healing Toxic Genetic Patterns



A narcissistic parent is a parent affected by narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder. Typically narcissistic parents are exclusively and possessively close to their children and may be especially envious of, and threatened by, their child’s growing independence. The result may be what has been termed a pattern of narcissistic attachment, with the child considered to exist solely to fulfill the parent’s wishes and needs. Commonly parents attempt to force their children to treat themselves as though they are their parents’ puppets, or else be subject to punishments such as emotional abuse. Relative to developmental psychology narcissistic parenting will adversely affect children in the areas of reasoning, emotional, ethical, and societal behaviors and attitudes as they mature. Within the realm of narcissistic parenting, personal boundaries are often disregarded with the goal of molding and manipulating the child to satisfy the parents’ expectations.

Narcissistic people with low self esteem feel the need to control how others regard them, fearing they will be blamed or rejected and personal inadequacies exposed. They are self-absorbed, some to the point of grandiosity; and being preoccupied with protecting their self image, they tend to be inflexible, and lack the empathy necessary for child raising.

When I first began to form a spiritual relationship with my ancestors I began to notice the dysfunction in my own family. Like many spiritualist I began to do healing work on immediate family members such as my daughter, mother, and sisters. I had no idea what type of healing we needed to bring balance in harmony into the family, but I continued to honor the ancestors along with weekly prayers. I went on like this for a little over a year. It was difficult for me to diagnose the issues with my family I just know that it was plagued with addiction, violence, lies and betrayal. There was always tension in the family, as I child of a narcissistic mother on many occasions I tried to point out her dysfunction. It was always met with violence and rage she made it impossible to talk to her about how much stress she was putting on me and my siblings.

On the outside things look normal yet inside the family dynamics there was much tension, we were always walking on eggshells. If mom was not intoxicated going into her fight mode on us she was sober with extreme mood swings that was often met verbal abuse or her bullying rages. I was the oldest child that took on the scapegoat role my younger sisters were more of golden children, however the golden child role would be switch to me when my sisters wasn’t around. Mom had to get her narcissistic supply one way or another she needed admiration and praise from her children to give her a sense of self worth and feed her false ego. It took me more than 40 years to figure out that I was in a narcissistic family.

My story is not so unique many of our ancestors brought narcissistic behavior into their families this caused their entire generational lines to be defective. Our ancestors were enslaved, raped, used, misguided, suicidal, or depressed slavery left a devastating impact on our ancestors. Their living conditions sometimes prompted negative behaviors such as lying, killing, stealing, cheating, or betrayal. Some of our family are consumed with negative genetic patterns. Many people refuse to honor their ancestors because of this fact, unaware by ignoring the issues it only creates problems for future generations. It is the living that have the responsibility of correcting those negative genetic patterns through prayers, offerings, and ritual which in turn helps elevate those ancestors who transitioned during their horrible mental conditions.


The brain is a computer that responds to stimuli and programmed with patterns based on DNA codes. What we experience as past lives are actually a review of the experiences of others in our bloodline or ethnic group. Research indicates our life experiences may be passed onto our children and their children. Survivors of traumatic events reveal exposure to stress can have lasting effects on generations. Many spiritual practitioners insinuate that present issues and difficulties may be influenced by trauma suffered in previous generations of the family, those that are affected could be unaware of the of the original past event that has caused the trauma.

When I began to learn more about the history of our indigenous African ancestors it felt like I was traveling back into time. I could feel the sadness, despair and frustrations experienced by ancestors, yet I didn’t know exactly what to do to take the pain away or heal them. Until I took a  closer look at my mother and our entire family this is when I began to piece things together, this would not be possible without the help of my sister, who has recently began to experience some of the defects in her relationship. It was the vital information I needed so I could help heal the genetic patterns within our family.

The road to healing begins with us we must choose to go within ourselves to do the inner work to be released from negative genetic patterns. When we began to heal ourselves we are healing our ancestors we have the same genetic markers which keeps us spiritually and physically linked to one another. We must began to love ourselves unconditionally and forgive those ancestors that were consumed with toxic energy that may have affected the generational bloodline. When we see our children murder, rape, steal, lie or cheat it is almost certain it is a result of negative genetic pattern many call generational curses.

Many of us are children that lived in extreme poverty, so we know exactly how economics can breed negative violent behaviors. I know I can recall numerous peers that grew up in a household just like mine. Most of us have no idea that our families are mentally and spiritually ill I know for sure I didn’t. Many of our religious family members are affected by it the most, echoes of narcissism can be seen in government, religion, or work environments. For me it was like waking up from a 40 year nightmare when I actually discovered the problem. At first I was embarrassed, shame, guilty, and sad, but as I continue to do the inner work it has given me purpose, inspiration and determination. Now I feel inspired to bring awareness to our community, its imperative that future generations are healed.

It is going to take much work to bring this awareness to the masses, the first step is to produce free information such as books, pamphlets or brochures to help educate people in our community. You can read more about my life in a narcissistic family in my free eBook “Life Time Spiritual Journey”, How I Came To Know the Ancestors” or watch the video   you are welcome to share it with as many people as possible. We need volunteers to help get the word out this will help us create change in our community. If you are interested in giving a donation you may give at  all funds are used for the cost to create pamphlets, brochure, and awareness campaigns that helps educate our local communities. You have the option of purchasing a detail eBook about life with my narcissistic family “Remove Generational Curses,” (Healing From Narcissistic Family) for $4.99 the book includes prayers that help elevate those ancestors who transitioned during their mental illness. To become a volunteer email me at

By Penelope Stewart B.Msc.


Matriarch to Patriarch: The Black Woman God



The first civilization was ushered in by indigenous women, these women were experts in agriculture. These facts have been ignored by patriarchs, scholars, and some Afrocentric males. Matriarchy existed worldwide for thousands of years they migrated and developed civilizations in Asia, India, Africa, North and South America. The transition from matriarchy to patriarchy took centuries, the upheaval began in the Iron Age by Indo-Europeans in the so called Middle East. Male deities were first introduced by Egyptian patriarchs but made popular by Indo-Europeans. Many matriarchs fled the Egyptian dynasty to continue your Goddess veneration as the gender wars began. Historical and archaeological documentation indicate many ancient societies were matriarchal now that we live in a patriarchal society such findings are called pseudo.

We must not fail to mention that “Hidden Colors” documentary seem to be nice accounts of Moorish patriarch history. The documentary fail to inform the audience that many of these moors were children of enslaved indigenous aboriginal African women. Many of these women were impregnated by force their children were raised in patriarch culture. Many of the children did not identify with the culture of their mother. The question we must ask ourselves is why is this information ignored. Why was it so important for European colonizer to use African indigenous women to set up their royal patriarch culture? If you are interested in learning more about this ancient history of civilization. You can purchase my detail ebook on these historical findings at Smashwords and Amazon book title “Matriarch to Patriarch”: The Black Woman God ( (



Prayers & Spells

Prayers and spells can come in many forms a charm, invocation, spoken or unspoken which result in some sort of supernatural effect many call magic. The word magic sounds more like some sort of fantasy or illusion. The term metaphysics is the more appropriate term to explain the scientific process that causes the desire to manifest. Our ancient ancestors understood the energy of thoughts and feeling and words that allowed them to tap into Universal power.




First let us examine the meaning of the word spell it is a mysterious word in meaning which is defined by placing letters in a particular order to create a word. This means we are creating a spell when we speak or write basically words, thoughts spoken or unspoken are spells. When we allow our being to attach to words and call on our spiritual helpers and or higher Power we give life to these words.

It is not a coincidence that the words of the bible are described as life and the tongue is said to give life or death. It is sounds and frequencies that created the Universe, we use these same sounds and frequencies when we pray or spell. Many people even Christians don’t like the term spell, however they participate in spells everyday through words, prayer and thoughts.





There are many ways to conduct a prayer or spell its not complicated. Many religions do this everyday with a prayer cloth, pins, papers, crosses and amulets they imbue the items with the powers of their words and calling upon their deity, spirit guides, or ancestors for help. This is the exact same formulation for a spell, it is not that much different. The spell and prayer can come in the form of a ritual or ceremony. The act of communion, baptism, rain dance, a wedding is a form of a spell.

Many Hoodoo rootworkers, Mambos, Hougans, spiritual workers knew that scriptures in the bible could be used in spell work. The bible contain many scriptures that can aid in prayer and spell work especially Psalms which is an entire book of poems that can be used as spells. The act of a candle vigil added with words is a form of spell work but religions will not admit it.

If you are interested in enhancing your prayer life or spiritual work please visit our website for supplies at

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Penelope Stewart B.Msc.

Blessing Loom the con scam in the black conscious community









loom-screenshot_2016-12-11-23-33-40 I was in a Facebook group called Black&Elevated when I saw a post on the blessing loom. Isis Ra El was the name of the person in the group that was marketing this loom. I thought it was cool everyone in one space helping each other by pooling their money together to help themselves and others. Your name starts at the bottom of the loom until it reaches the center. They called it easy peasy very nice term for something that is absolutely dishonest. When the loom first start the goal is get all the names filled on the bottom these are the one’s that has given $100 to get on the loom and have opportunity of moving up on the loom.

Well as the loom continue you will slowly see others move up on the loom as new comers give $100 to get on the loom. Instead of letting people stay on the loom giving them the opportunity to move to the center the loom is split. In my situation I witness the person Kim Morris running the loom put themselves on the loom twice and place herself in the center. This is when I knew something was definitely wrong, I began to ask questions and I was blocked out the group. Kim Morris called me I told her about my concerns about others getting paid. I informed her Isis had inbox me and told me she hadn’t been paid she immediately began to try to discredit Isis. She said Isis was spreading negativity in the group that is why she split the loom. Again, this was puzzling to me I thought to myself. You are going to let everyone else suffer because of one person? Why not take Isis off the loom and allow her to run her own loom? I decided to go review their profile both women Isis and Kim live in the same state and city. I didn’t trust it because it appeared they were playing the blame game to keep members in the loom confused. This confirmed my feeling when Isis tried to convince me to take down my post on Facebook warning people about the loom.

There is absolutely no reason to split the loom unless you are trying to run a scam. It would be better to remove people from the center of the loom after that have benefited from it, then allow others to move up  the loom as each member take their time going to the center this makes more sense. However when the loom is split this leaves member alone to raise the money themselves to get blessed through the loom. What has actually happened is they have taken your money and left you out in the wind basically.

It is absolutely a shame that our people in the conscious black community use something that has a potential to be beneficial but instead it is use to scam others. What is really sad is we could use this loom thing to nation build everyday of the year, but instead it is used to take advantage of our people once a year around Christmas. This is almost worse than Christian ministers selling our people hope while they suffer. It was really disgusting to see spiritualist like Antranette Doe in the scam claiming this is something our ancestors did, our ancestors practice group economics everyday for the greater good of all not to swindle people out to their money one time out of the year. The best way to honor the ancestors is to participate in helping each other everyday instead using one day out the year to rob your ancestors. When you swindle your own people you are actually stealing from the ancestors we are our ancestors. I surely pray this article prevent any of our people being victimize by these greedy trolls.

I am still considering the matter of contacting the attorney general in the state where these people reside. These people need to learn they can’t do people this way.


Penelope Stewart B.Msc

New Age LeMurian Deception







The New Age is a term applied to a range of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices that developed by Caucasoids in Western nations during the 1970s. Precise scholarly definitions of the movement differ in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure. When I first began to awaken I was a follower of New Age this is before I knew more about myself as an aboriginal indigenous person who ancestors were devastated by slave trade. The New Age movement makes every attempt to associate themselves with indigenous cultures and spiritual practices. However their ancestors have little if any connections to indigenous cultures, even worse they depict these spiritual beings like Lemurians and Alteans as looking milky white. My intuition instantly told me something is wrong with this picture. Why would the first humans of civilization be white? Scientist have confirmed that the first humans were indigenous dark skinned people that migrated out of Africa and settled all over the world. This is one reason when anthropologist and archeologist began to research the first human inhabitants on a continent they usually find indigenous Negroid people.

The New Age has even went as far is making our ancient indigenous ancestors appear to be aliens in some form, this even made me more suspicious of the movement. How in the world were these Caucasoid people embracing these aliens and most of them can’t embrace dark skinned people right her on earth. Like our ancestor John Henry Clarke said. ” I knew something was wrong with the concept of angels when they were all depicted as white.” Eventually, I begin to research more about me and my culture when I discovered what was happening in the New Age movement. The ancestors clearly showed me what this movement is all about.





The New Age are a group of people majority of them are Caucasoid, trying desperately to perfect their spirituality. These people are only 6,000 year old race, we us the indigenous aboriginal dark skinned people we are older than them.  We aboriginal indigenous people been here 100,000 of years before them we have the codes in or DNA directly linked to the cosmos an essence of primordial energy. We are the first spark one with Universe people of Muu.Mu populated an enormous portion of North America, because MU was almost connected to North America in the west. While most of North America was covered by ice, South America, Central America, and Mexico was populated (exclusively) with dark-skinned peoples from MU. Many of which migrated to the high North America regions after the ice receded. It’s said that a lot of the MU/Lemurian’s migrated to California, in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, California.






The movement is more about trying to find a spiritual identity for these people. But in the process they want to adopt the spiritual practices of our ancestors but not relinquish the lies in Christianity and history. This is real key to their spiritual evolution but many continue to distort or ignore this fact. We must remember our ancestors if we are to heal ourselves. Do they remember their ancestors? I have tried to open a dialogue with some of these people about these issues, but many are offended by the mention of the topic.

The process of the awakening continue as more Mu, Muurs, aboriginal people are beginning to wake up to their ancient connections with the cosmos and earth. The ancestors are unlocking information within our DNA giving us access to more spiritual knowledge. There are many African American, Negroes, or black people reconnecting with their aboriginal ancestral heritage.






Near the Washitaw river there is on the Washitaw Mountain water spew over natural minerals, crystals, lodestones, magnetizing water that creates healing properties. There are many crystal mines in Hot Springs, Arkansas that were never claimed by our aboriginal ancestors. Alteans Olmec aboriginal ancestors who are descendants of the LeMurrian  hid three powerful crystals here in Arkansas during the Deluge.These stones are capable of bending space time continuum, which are transmitting codes in many parts of the world. These stones are helping many of us who think we are African American, Negro, or black awaken to the knowledge we are descendants of aboriginal ancestors. These ancestors have been on this land of the Amuuricans and other continents for 100,000 years.

We the aboriginal are the returning the ancient ones will once again walk the earth. We are the people of the earth we are the primordial there is no beginning or ending we are the Universe in the flesh the reflection of the Universe. We possess the the power to shift the Universe with Divine Consciousness. We have the access codes of the cosmos within our DNA. We are the original blueprints for the planet. Please African Americans, Negro, black people do not fall for the New Age deception of aliens or these white beings this is just more psychological warfare.

It is important to find out about your culture when you are trying to find yourself spiritually. The first rule to spiritual growth is to know yourself that means, your family, ancestors, and culture these are extensions of you. When I began to embrace myself and learn more about me my DNA began to open and the ancestors began to reveal themselves to me. There are many others that are trying to wake up and many of us are trying to help.

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.



Melanin and Empaths


Melanin is a pigment that is connected with nature found in most organism our indigenous ancestors share this common link with nature they were able to absorb information in their environment. Many of our indigenous, Kemetic, black ancestors possessed this gift. We were able to able to sense energy shifts in nature, many were healers and shamans able to communicate with their environment. Indigenous culture view nature as a living breathing entity communicating with humans through nature, animals, wind, water,fire, and earth.

This gift is passed on to many of us by our female relatives, this is not so much of a surprise women are responsible for bringing life into this world. The womb itself is a spiritual portal the woman is responsible for guiding the soul through the portal into the physical body. In African indigenous culture the ancestors return through this portal continuing the work and path of previous ancestors the real key to immortality. We are truly our ancestors.






Throughout my life I would experience moments of sadness or depression sometimes unbearable. There would be this soothing calming voice that would console and comfort me. Many times the voice would give me information about things getting better and they would. I would share these experiences with my Mom because she shared some of these same happenings with me. It was parts of me that knew I inherited these spiritual senses from my mother. But I didn’t now we inherited these gifts from my grandmother until further research.


One day I vividly recall having one of my empathic episodes that manifested in extreme sadness and depression. Suddenly I remember the long conversations I would have with my grandmother about her life experiences, her stories would always give me good guidance. In that moment I missed her so much I cried out to her even though my grandmother had been deceased about 10 years. I missed her so much almost immediately I saw a picture of my grandmother float out of the ceiling from no where, mind you I had no pictures of my grandmother. My mom has a family photo album with all the family pics in it. This did not scare me at all as weird as it was, it gave me peace. Things began to look up in my life after this happened.

In the past I was very aware of angels and I worked with them regularly in my spiritual growth. However as I began to know more about myself reading more books on African history and spiritual practices I ran into the importance of of honoring ancestors. Through research I found that angels are the equivalent of ancestors. The angels originated from the African gods and ancestors which Europeans altered into their culture as angels. That is why angels are non-denominational they are able to work with any religion. This is further evidence that humans do not need religion but spirituality.

As I gained more knowledge of myself this also gave me answers of why African Americans are so soulful. Why we so talented in our creativity , spiritual practices and sports many of these talents are directly inherited from our ancestors. I began to honor my ancestors immediately began to see positive changes in my life. I had never received such a fast response from angels like I do when I communicate with ancestors. The ancestors began to communicate with me through nature, putting images in my mind, sometimes through family members. I was just amused by this energy it was amazing how the ancestors had such an impact in my life. They also told me I receive these empathic abilities from my family, the ancestors start putting information in my mind to research until all the puzzles fit.


Penelope Stewart B. Msc

Kemetic Moor Black Ancestors in Americas







bma1When I use the terms Kemetic or Moor I am not speaking on religion but a description of  indigenous aboriginal African ancestors. We must be careful with labels after all labels were created to bring division among our ancestors. This is what inspired me to write on this subject, we must tell the story of our ancestors in its correct form so much of their history has been omitted and replaced with lies.

Our ancestors have a historical legacy of building the most advanced civilization including right here in the Americas, yes we were already here before Christ, Columbus, Spaniards, and Mexicans, and before the Clovis people aka Native Americans Euro version crossed the Barring Straits.There is evidence of our ancestors being the first inhabitants all of the world. However these labels hide our true identity many people can easily look over the truth with the deception of labels. Pay attention words such as Canaan, Phoenician, Muur/Moor, Semitic,  Sumerians, Ancient Egypt/Kemet, Hamite, and sometimes Hebrew.

There were black Kemetic Moor/Muur indigenous ancestors here in the Americas from Louisiana to California our people t lived near the river it was essential to their everyday lives. Just like our indigenous ancestors in Africa they were targeted for enslavement by European invaders. When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I was amazed at how Native Americans look like me they didn’t resemble the T.V. version at all. I was recently at a vendor event and witness a Native American in Arkansas that look just like me. Again these labels can deceive us. So it is never a surprise to me when I find out our indigenous ancestors are found to be the first inhabitants on these continents contrary what American schools try to teach us.







Our ancestors establish powerful matriarchal empire that ruled the ancient world for thousands of years. The original indigenous inhabitants of California was populated by our ancient ancestors  are descendants of West Africa, South American Olmec’s, Egypt, Asia, and the Pacific Island. The dynasty was ruled by Queen Khalifa in California, Cali itself means black referring to the Great Mama Kali who true lineage of power reached across the globe if you are interested in knowing more about matriarchal rule in the ancient world read a blog I wrote some time ago called “The Sybil” there is also a book by the same name by Mama Zogbe.The black indigenous ancestors of California suffered the greatest abuse because of the gold rush. This information is omitted not just to hide the identity of our ancestors but also to deny the rites of true royalty to rule by our ancestral mothers. This was the biggest massacre and fraud in history, yet it is ignored by colonizers.

According to the American Anthropology Association Africans left African and migrated into Asia, so please don’t let that negate the fact that Asian ancestors are descendants from Africa. Washitaw, Yamasee, Cherokee, Iruquois and Blackfoot are all black tribes, especially the tribes in the southern states. There is also the Nation of Moor which are recognized as indigenous people this is not interchangeable with Muslim despite what you have been told, Moor is a descriptive title for our ancestors not religious. Moor is a greek word that means black just like the word Kemet our ancestors were infamous with choosing names to describe their appearance although Europeans try to hide it through creating labels. We have a international identity we are the indigenous aborignal people on this planet to limit our identity to a nationality would be limit the world wide history of our ancestors.







Many people ask me questions about changing their nationality to Moor. But my questions to them what fact is it changing the word only mean you are claiming you are officially a black indigenous person, however just by looking at your skin tone and your wooly hair true history knows this fact and ignores it. The real task is demanding that history books be truthful in telling history accurately. Most of us already identify with our indigenous roots African American, Black, Negro, or colored by giving us these labels it still reveals our true identity. The fact still remain we are descendants of Kemetic Moor Black ancestors there is no denying it your skin is a badge that unveils this truth.