Hello sweet dear souls my name is Rev. Penelope Stewart I am an ordained metaphysical minister still attending school to receive my doctrine in metaphysical science. In my study of spirituality and religion I realized that African Americans were missing the most valuable and important spiritual practice. We do not give honor to our ancestors our cultural and spiritual practices are deeply rooted in ancestral spiritual practices, yet we fail to do it. It is not by our mistake totally this was caused Diaspora which had an impact on keeping Africans separated from our spiritual practices. So I have dedicated a ministry on educating people on this important practice. If you are interested in getting involved in this ministry and you are in the Arkansas area please visit this link http://www.meetup.com/Honoring-African-Ancestors-Matter/ you may join free or donate.

Honoring African Ancestors Matters ministry mission is to uplift and unify people of African descent worldwide. Unity is vital to the economic and social progress all Africans have a common history, ancestors and destiny. We as Africans have a cosmo-gentical link to our ancestors and our African deities. We must re-Africanize our long lost history and hidden spiritual practices to suit our purpose and empower and fruitfully propel our collective dreams. We are Africans we must guide ourselves back to the ways of our African ancestor continue to follow in their footsteps known as the word Kheti by our African ancestors. Africa spiritual concepts predate every religion on the planet which Westerners today are defining as new age. We have many ancestors who have lost their lives trying to fight against the spiritual ugliness of racism . We must continue to honor them by walking in their footsteps. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Frances Welsing, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton, and many more. When we call on our ancestors we gain spiritual strength and guidance we give them permission to aide us the living in eradicating racism and other forms of injustice. We rebel against racism and injustice by embracing African culture, lifestyle, business, songs, dance, creativity, dance, science and spirituality. The allegiance to African ancestors, African people, and Africa should become first law of nature for the African people worldwide. It is imperative that we preserve our culture, tell our own story, honor mother Africa and honor our African ancestors and unite all Africans this will help heal the wounds of our ancestors who bore the burden of being enslaved. We as Africans must resurrect the African spirit.

I pray that I think peace speak peace and I am peace

I pray that I think truth speak truth and I am truth

I pray I think love speak love and I am love

I pray that I think everything carries high harmonious vibrations and intentions

May the light within me serve as a beacon for those that need it.

May the ancestors be with us.