Starseeds have been described by the Westerners as New Age, but that is not entirely so it’s nothing New Age about this concepts. In fact, African indigenous ancestors taught reincarnation  which souls do not die. We continue to live on through our loved ones linked by our DNA. You ever heard that saying? “Spirit is in the blood”. Presently there are many Africans of Diaspora that are not aware of this knowledge. But deep down inside of they know religion has never answered their questions. When some are expose to African culture or spiritual practices it instantly resonates deeply within their being.

Suddenly, light bulbs go off the interest to know more about their African ancestors spark the mind interest. The DNA is activated now the ancestors or African deities can work more closely with their descendants. Their purpose in life becomes more clear as they continue to read, study and embrace their African ancestors. The ancestors FB_IMG_1449610733488

is now living within the DNA of their descendants able to fulfill the destiny and work of their ancestors.

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