The name Sybil is a sacred initiatory title that the ancient Africans called prophet(ess) or priest(ess) of the Mama Watas. Mama Watas is derived form Ethiopian Cushites Queen of heaven mother of the gods. The Sibyls are the descendants of the first neolithic clans of the African warrior-Queens, healers, prophet(ess), and God(dess). Oral tradition reveal that men revolted against the authority of Mami they separated themselves from the Divine African mother.

The Sibyl were a group of African prophetess located all over the ancient world. These women were the matriarchal rulers of the world for thousands of years before the patriarchal society ever existed. God originally was a woman later changed by patriarchs to masculine man. It was the Sibyls who were persecuted not the Christians. The Sibyls prophecies and spiritual practices intimidated the patriarchs. Millions of the Sibyls were enslaved, murdered, and scattered to the four corners of the world. The New Testament is a chronicle of the final destruction of African matriarch.

The history of the Sibyls remain to exist in West Africa, many black women are clueless that their suffering is due to the disconnection of their ancient rites and spiritual duties. Black women duty is to continue the work of their ancestral mother. It is believed there will be no peace on earth until African women are restored to their rightful place in the world.

When I began to study African history I read that many African women were being kidnapped during the rise of the patriarch movement. I couldn’t help but ask myself. Why were these African women being kidnapped? What purpose did these women serve in history. Later I stumbled upon a book review of The Sibyls on YouTube

, I carefully listened to the author Mama Zogbe’ as she shared her finding in her research on this subject. I was drawn in by her motherly wisdom and careful recounts of African women history.

Finally after I purchased her book it answered many question my intuition shared with me. However without any historical evidence I couldn’t confirm this gut feeling until I read the book. The book was worth the purchase.