New Age is a term applied to a range of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices developed by Westerners. The New Age movement draws heavily upon a number of older esoteric traditions. The New Age is actually Old Age it is nothing new about it. The only thing new about it is the Westerners knowledge of these ancient spiritual concepts. When I first began my spiritual journey I was drawn to New Age and found myself walking a path of metaphysics. It was important to me on my spiritual journey to identify my African essence in the midst of the New Age or metaphysics. I know that New Age concept of religion is that all of them lead to God, as I begin to research and read more about history and religion this couldn’t be further from the truth. The use of the term New Age is only a term to conceal the origins of the fact that the New Age movement is inspired by African indigenous spiritual practices. The more I learned about New Age and metaphysics I began to realize that both had African roots, but no Westerners were discussing this fact, in fact when I mentioned it many Westerners became defensive. The subject is labeled as racist or negative. What is negative about the truth?

As an African it was difficult for me to ignore this huge elephant in the room however Westerners had no problem pretending this fact didn’t exist. The real concern with me is the New Age movement is very popular among Caucasians what is very interesting is these beings Pleadians , Adromedians and the Ascended Masters usually seen as white beings by Caucasians. This could be dangerous for the African because indigenous spiritual systems began with respect of one’s ancestors, these ancestors are intercessors for their descendants. Westernermemes have no genetic link to these beings or Ascended Masters the disturbing thing is that the Christian savior Jesus Christ did not exist the story is plagiarized from Egypt. New Age is no different than religion it refuses to look at the truth and acknowledge historical facts, the Westerners want no African connection to New Age. On many occasion I tried to move forward into this New Age but I found it was difficult to make a spiritual connection without honoring my African roots first. When I finally embraced my African spiritual systems and concepts I no longer wanted to get into this New Age movement.

New Age movement is the New World Order religion it chooses to combine all fictional religions under one fictional umbrella. It is not an alternative to religion it is only a bigger religion of falsehoods all of them want no connection with African origins.  Africans that are in the New Age movement need to do a proper assessment of their African culture and spiritual systems before they invest their time and money into the New Age movement.