The role of diet in the conscious and spiritual community has been a big buzz for topic of discussion. We have many individuals becoming vegans and this is causing a little concern for others who are not vegans. Swami Vivekananda (spiritual teacher) once said “You believe that you have to live in a certain way, eat certain foods, perform certain rituals to be holy, but if you could only see that if you wish to be spiritually free or whole. All you have to do is stand up and be free.” Swami also said “A cow eat grass all of its life, but have you ever seen a cow become a saint.”


The key to living a more spiritual conscious lifestyle is not eating certain types of food. Some teachers or individuals make a religion out of what others eat. A proper balance diet can have positive effects of one’s meditation practice. The truth is not eating meat does cause sensitive response to meditation but this is due to a change in energy the body is receiving less energy (protein) because of this meatless diet. Therefore, this lack of energy sends a message to the body and mind. When the mind lacks energy it has limited energy so the hold is weak it is easy for the mind to let go and explore itself in meditation. This process is actually called “The Exhaustion Principle”, it is also applied to fasting.


Does it make a person more spiritual if they are vegan? Absolutely not, vegans and individuals who fast have simply allowed themselves to become sensitive to the response of meditation by shifting their energy. One who is being totally led by their Higher Mind will intuitively eat the right foods at the right time and will choose physical activities the body will enjoy. There are no judgements against vegans, fasters, or meat eaters each are valid if careful not to become extreme and become delusional that one is only holy because of diet.


The body is intuitive if we are attuned to our bodies we can listen to what the body needs. We must think of food as energy our mental, physical, and spiritual body needs the intermingling of certain energy in certain types of foods. Trust your higher mind and instincts you will be guided to the certain foods your mind and body needs.


Penelope Stewart B.Msc. Metaphysical Minister