Today I sit here extremely perplexed by African Americans estrange relationship we have with our ancestors. Many refuse to even identify with African history, culture and ancestors, as a minister of metaphysics this is a display of spiritual deformity. The total rejection of one’s true-self if we can’t accept all portions of our being we are rejecting ourselves. The act of accepting self unconditionally is the first step to spiritual healing not only for ourselves but for our ancestors as well. This spiritual healing is needed to allow Africans to be whole spiritually , mentally collectively as a people who share the same skin tone.

It is a pain deep within I feel when I witness African reject themselves, instantly I see the unrest in the African ancestral spirits. How can our ancestors truly rest in peace when we don’t love ourselves? How can we truly love our future generations if we don’t love our past? We reject the notion of connecting with our African roots, it frightens me that many African can’t feel this, we have many ancestors that rest in shallow graves never to be discovered. It is these ancestors voices that speaks through us to tell their story and acknowledge their lives.

On many occasions I have taken the opportunity to reach out to my African brothers and sisters on social media to create a platform to honor our ancestors. I get good feedback for such a platform, however when I schedule the meeting no one shows up (https://youtu.be/j6b7uFmalm0). What does this mean? It could mean several things, some Africans may think social media is adequate enough to express these thoughts, some may be uncomfortable with the new awareness of the African culture, last but not least peer pressure the need to conform to avoid rejection from mainstream society. Let me also include the fact it could be simply me, my personality, people will reject others for their own reasons.

What is the answer to resolve this issue? My individual resolution is to find and connect with other Africans who are sincere about an African ancestor platform. So I speak to your spirit sincere Africans let us connect.  The truth is a painful reality that many Africans simply don’t or won’t connect with their African culture or ancestors. It is not many Africans who really comprehend the importance of honoring African ancestors.

Rev.Penelope Stewart B.Msc.