Reiki is an ancient and very simple healing technique that anyone can use on human, pets, plants or any living organism. We use Reiki everyday as parents with our children, when our child hurts him/herself the first thing we do as parents is kiss or rub the injured area that is Reiki. There is a sympathetic energy in the Universe that can be channeled to heal through the act of empathy, remember everything is energy. We are energy and many of us operate in the same frequencies if we ever take notice.

Humans communicate on many levels or many frequencies emotionally, facial expressions, body language, words there is a lot of energy exchange going on knowingly and unknowingly. Reiki functions on the frequency of empathy a very powerful energy which empowers the target. The empathizer just for a moment shares their energy with the target tapping into the same frequency the target is willing to receive the energy and the empathizer is willing to give it. It is during these moments the healing takes the most effect the healer and the target are now communicating on a cosmic level intuitively.

The intuitive moment is when the spirit speaks directly to the healer and guides healer during the healing session. This has happened to me on several occasions I will just let the healing energy take over and guide me over the targets body in some cases I intuitively go to the direct area where the pain is, you will intuitively know when enough energy is applied to the area because your hands will move away. There is no thinking required in energy healing simply focus sending healing light to the target you are simply a tool. Don’t try and figure things out let the healing energy take over. You will also notice the more you use this healing energy the more intuitive you will become this is normal. During an energy healing you may experience your hands becoming very warm this is Reiki energy it is normal, the target may feel some tingling in the body sometimes the target may not feel anything at all. It doesn’t mean Reiki is not working energy is never wasted it is working on a subtle level energy healing work as needed not as you desire.

Empaths are natural healers because the strong empathetic energy within us this comes almost naturally with little thought at all. If you are an empath and want to test or strengthen your abilities start with energy healing. Children are very good at Reiki healing energy they have no barriers therefore have no problem with tapping into the primal energy of Reiki.

If you are interested in learning Reiki text the word “Reiki” to 501-404-7875 you will receive free video guides that will teach you Reiki levels I,II,&III.