When I first learned about Reiki I was a little puzzled about how did it fit into African spiritual practices. So I began to research history which led me to Kemetic Reiki I thought Reiki was just an Asian healing practice, boy was I ever wrong especially in recent news the discovery that Asians descended from Africans. We also recognize the fact that other subcultures learned from the Africans who are the first humans on earth, African Reiki, Ra Sekhi, or Kemetic Reiki is an ancient holistic healing modality. The process of using energy focus to bring balance and harmony to one’s being. There are symbols, mantras, spirit guides, crystals, sounds, and aromatherapy to aid in the healing session. It is very similar of laying on the hands with addition to using other natural tools to manipulate subtle energy known as chakras or aura.

The healing session can activate detoxing, during the healing session a person may experience tingling, heat, or vibration moving through them or nothing at all. My motto is the more receptive of the person to the healing the more beneficial the healing session will be. But rest assure that the energy flow will connect and adjust your energy bringing it into harmony. Kemetic Reiki or Ra Sekhi teaches us how to master and manipulate our power. When we connect with Ra the Universal life energy we connect with the Universe. We are also able to do so much more with our healing energy. This healing energy can help you in your spiritual growth you will be more attuned with your higher-self. The more you use Ra healing energy you will find yourself intuitively healing clients you will go to the affected area. Your hands will move intuitively around the body, you may sense messages in your mind, I have set in on some healers that have found attachments and removed those attachments which prevent the healing process. The more and longer you perform energy healing the better your intuition will become it just happens that way.

Penelope Stewart B. Msc.