Wicca simply means wise one, yes our ancient ancestors were very wise indeed. Wiccan is a European description for wise one. Our African ancestors were healers, shamans, priest, or priestess, they prepared herbs, performed rituals, called on spirit guides to aid them in their affairs. However the European Inquisition threaten the very fabric of wise one society many were tortured, killed, and force to live in hiding this continued on from the 13th  to the 17th century. During this time there was negative propaganda being promoted toward African spirituality, which is the foundation to most of religions or indigenous ritual practices. The wise one spiritual practices were closely linked to the ancient mysteries of Egypt. These mysteries of the ancient Egypt transcended races and cultures you can find echoes of the ancient mysteries in nearly every culture. People from all over the world came to the Land of the Blacks to learn the powerful ancient mysteries this was a threat to the European world which prompt the Inquisition.

The era of slavery and Jim Crow laws were restrictions that prohibited Africans Africans from medical treatment. Many Africans of Diaspora use the knowledge of their ancestors Hoodoo, Voodoo as seen in Haiti and Louisiana.  Once again these Africans were so gifted they attracted clients that were not African. For example

the late Aunt Caroline Dye from the delta attracted prestigous clients from all over.

Wicca is really no different than Kemet the focus is balance and living in harmony with nature. Wicca like Kemet there is God and Goddess energy present in the Universe. Practitioners choose a deity that best resonate with their energy. Majick is a buy prodcut of wicca or a witch it is a perception of universal truths, knowledge of nature, and the influence of this energy has on humans. Lastly do not be confused Wicca is more of a religion of some witches you do not have to be Wiccan to be a witch.

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.