When I  begin to work with angels I was impressed with their intellectual energy the way it made my mind soar. I was curious to know more about these energies the more I worked with the energy I was guided to read books or information would just enter my mind I would just know things, later I would be intuitively led to information to help understand their energy. During this spiritual awakening I was learning more about myself as an African reaching spiritual enlightenment my DNA was surging with information as I would ask my Higher Mind questions and the answers would just leap forward in my mind, images would flash in my mind if I couldn’t decipher the information in my DNA the images would give me clues to subjects I needed to research.

The history of angels and spirit guides can be traced first to the ancient mysteries of Egypt, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian cultures. Auset mother of Horus and wife of Ausar is depicted as the manifestation of an angel. Orishas, Lwa, and the Neteru are primordial beings or energy which has undergone transformations by Eurocentrics into Gaia, Archangels or another form of European paganism. Let me be clear paganism has never left religion or mainstream society Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Jesus are yet another form of paganism from Eurocentric culture vultures. Please keep in mind all other cultures learned from Africans who were the first beings on the planet. Africans are the direct descendants of primordial beings.




The more I studied metaphysical science and researched more on spirit guides, angels, and ancestors I recognized the connections and links. I observed that through the centuries African spirituality went through various transformation in patriarchal religion and European pagan traditions. The gods of the ancient mysteries were completely whitewashed out of their authentic form. What was wrong with the authentic forms of these ancient deities? Nothing was wrong with our ancestral original forms of deities, but it was a reminder to Eurocentric that they were not the originators of the concept of god.




When Africans need to connect spiritually it is imperative to first connect with African culture research African history most importantly honor your ancestors. The ancestors help us understand ourselves and protect and guide us when we are working with other energies or deities. Our ancestors speak the language of spirit and are intercessors or catalyst for communicating with the spiritual realm.

The most beautiful thing about African shamanism it is diverse no African tribe is the exactly the same but all have a common thread of the belief of one God over all. Many Africans believe that Kemetic students study the same spiritual systems this is false there is diversity in African shamanism one is not obligated to perform identical ritual, ritual will vary from tribes according to geographical location.


Transformation List


    • Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris) the Lord of the Dead is the guardian spirit of peace, wisdom, purity, knowledge and fertility. Associated with the Resurrected Jesus and La Virgin de las Mercedes.
    • Oset (Aset, Ast, Auset, Isis) the Mother of Revolution is the guardian spirit of positive change and motherhood. Associated with the Virgin Mary, Virgin de la Regla and Virgen of the Miraculous Medals.
    • Hru (Hra, Heru, Horus) the Heir of Osar is the guardian spirit of victory, success and triumph. Associated with Samson, King David and St. Barbara.
    • Djahuti (Tahuti, Tehuti, Thoth) the Lord of Change is the guardian spirit of divination. Associated with King Solomon and St. Francis of Assisi.
    • Nebhet (Nephtys) Lady of the House is the guardian spirit love, beauty, pleasure, money and peace. Associated with Mary Magdalene and La Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre.
    • Sokar (Sokher, Seker) Lord of the Cemetery is the guardian spirit of resurrection, renewal and illness. Associated with Lazarus.
    • Npu (Anpu, Enpu, Anubis) the Messenger/Traveler between the Living and Dead, is the guardian spirit of guidance. The master of the cross-road.  Associated with the Moses and El Nino de la Atocha.
    • Maat the Gatekeeper of Life/Death is the guardian spirit of balance, righteousness and sanity. Associated with Joshua and St. Norbert.
    • Hruaakhuti (Ra-Hor-kahuti, Bedhuty, Herukhuti) Lord of the Double Horizon, is the guardian spirit of justice. Associated with the disciple )and St. George the Destroyer of Dragons.
    • Aah (Gabriel) One of the names for the God of the Moon he wears a symbol of the Moon, a combination of Full and crescent Moon.
    • Amun & Amun-Ra (Sachiel) Amun also spelt Amon, Amoun, Amen and Imen.
    • Anhur,(Anhert, Onouris, Ounuris) (Samael) A warrior who was invoked against both human and animal enemies. The personification of War. He was regarded as the creative powers of the Sun, but this is juxtaposed to his war like attributes.
    • Anubis (Anpu) (Azrael) The jackal head God. He conducted the dead to judgment with the God Thoth
    • Aten, Atum, Auf, Efu, Ra (Micheal) A sun-god under Pharoah Akhenaten, the evening aspect of the sun Ra. An aspect of the god RA ram-headed god wears a solar disk

Kem Ancestry

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.