Metaphysics is the behavior of matter and energy in the cosmos meta meaning beyond physical senses but the ability to phenomenally manifest into our reality guided by our mental energy. African metaphysics is the original foundation to discovering life, existence, being, African ancestors were the first to understand the spiritual realm. Metaphysics is about manifestation bringing things into our reality giving it  form it is god given ability to create desired outcomes.


Who or What created Earth? Many of us believe or are told God created the Earth, yet from the historical records of humans our ancient African ancestors created the Earth. We are the first intelligent beings that gave life to this planet. Never mind the Eurocentric environment or false reality created to suppress this fact. We are the descendants of our African ancestors we too possess the gift to create our desires out of nothingness. The act of creating is not so difficult we do it all the time without realizing it. We think of something we desire first then we perform the energy or action to bring it into form. Yes African people we can change our position in how we experience the environment around us by changing the way we think.


Racism only affects us Africans because we have accepted the manifestation of its constructs from the Eurocentric mind. However this can be altered by being mindful of oue environment or a reality that can eliminate racism. Nature itself was formed out of darkness before there was light it was darkness so light could not exist or be made if there was no darkness. What a powerful observation and fact I aim to change the way African view their blackness it is a badge of creative force nothing to be scorned or ashamed of but something that has boundless power.

African skin is the manifestation of God expressing itself in physical form. In the West we have accepted these light white images associated with God but this is false remember it is the darkness that made the light. It is also a biological fact that the African race has dominant genes, 70% of matter in the universe is made up of dark energy, nothing could be complete without the use of dark energy the stars, moon, air, forest and all living things. That’s right Africans are complete perfect blue prints of nature herself. Yes I said her Godhood has always been associated with womanhood contrary to what we see today Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad ; it is not a man but a woman patriarchal religions hide this fact. We were created in the image of her the image of  mother nature look at your woolly hair resemble the tops of trees look at your brown body that is similar to the trunk of a tree. Africans can spend long periods of time in the sun and it doesn’t burn us like our Caucasians brothers and sisters.



Africans can eliminate racism in a heart beat by understanding a paradigm that fits and the philosophical aspects of cultural difference. The aspect of cultural difference will help you understand how we are conditioned to interpret various situations, events or our environment.

European/European American value system member-object is conditioned to accept the highest value lies in the object or acquisition of the object. Self-worth is often determined by the number, size and monetary value of the object. Knowledge is counting and measuring; viewed often gained by measuring what can be ascertained by the senses or “proved” by mathematical formulae.

African/African-American/Hispanic value system member-member is conditioned to accept value lies in interpersonal relationships. Self-worth is often determined by the quality of relationships and how the member is viewed by members of the same and other groups. Knowledge is knowing imagery pattern recognition; is based often gained by feeling or intuition what lies behind appearances and superimposing this information onto what can be ascertained by the senses.

Asian/Asian American/Native American value system member-group is conditioned to accept lies in identity with the group and consideration of what benefits the group as a whole. Self-worth is often associated with   acknowledgement of oneness with nature and the Earth. Knowledge is transcendent gained by direct transcendental experience by entering meditative or altered states of consciousness. Such knowledge is then applied to people and situations in the mundane world.

Mediterranean/Middle Eastern value system member scripture value lies in adherence to sacred text and scripture. Self-worth is often determined by adherence to divine revelation and commandment.Knowledge is a method of code often acquired from spiritual teachings passed from generation, there is no dichotomy between scientific and spiritual knowledge.


“Black liberation must understand the Law of the One. This gives many of us a metaphysical basis from which to build a strategy to create lasting change. There are  ways that our freedom can manifest itself are as manifold as the individuals who desire it.

Many black leaders have advocated this very thing with w varying results, however none has succeeded in weakening the effects of racism in America to any great degree. All African-American has leadership capabilities. Freedom from racism will not come as a result of doubting our divine birthright from White people. It will come when we as a people of color share our gifts that we individually possess, and when we believe that we create our own reality as conscious expressions of one thing we want the most racism eliminated from the minds of all.

Kem Ancestry

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.

Turner-Bey, Deborah. The Church of the Cosmic Mother: Metaphysics for the African-American Seeker (Kindle Location 508). . Kindle Edition.