Our African ancestors were very close to nature and knew the importance of animals, soil, vegetation, and stones. Crystals are like trees, grass, the sun and moon are ancient ancestors. Our ancestors understood that all things are connected to the universe through a particular energy source, their spiritual science revealed many secrets in nature. Crystals and stones were used to help harness or direct energy, these precious stones are found deep within the Earth’s surface. Stones have longed been used in divination, wealth and love attraction.

The Egyptian use quartz crystals as talismans, the Aboriginals in the Americas honored the power of turquoise. Crystal and Stones are used as healing modalities such as Reblogiki, Acupuncture, and Color Therapy. Crystals have the ability to work on all planes, physical, emotional, and spiritual, they have trans-formative holistic effect on their entire environment. Lately, I have found more information on working with crystals stones with candle healing or what many may call candle magic. I am more of analytical person so I would like to call it metaphysical energy senti-mental energy being directed for a specific outcome. I like the word metaphysical oppose to magic because working with energy is a science it’s no hocus pocus about it (everything has energy).

I will not go through the many various stones that are available for you work with, but I will tell you how to use your stones and care for them before you go out and purchase your precious babies you want to be a responsible loving owners. Quartz crystal stone exhibits pyroelectricity meaning when expose to temperature changes there a release of energy from the stone. Certain stones like tourmaline exhibit piezoelectric and in some quartz it is this energy that is responsible for keeping accurate time in watches. Piezoelectric means when pressure is applied to the stone gives off an observable electric charge.


Remember each crystal or stone has it unique energy, they are like mini radio stations operating on various frequencies. Many healers say you don’t choose the crystal or stone but it chooses you. Crystals and stones respond to the flow of energy in humans, if used properly crystals or stones can help balance the flow of energy. We can tune into frequencies to amplify our intentions out into the Universe through the energy field of crystal or stone. Keep in mind when you come in contact with the crystal or stone it is your energy that activates the process.

If you are thinking of using your stones in your metaphysical work take your time in choosing your stones. Make sure you can have healthy intimate relationship with your stone just like a plant or a little puppy your stones will need special attention if you are going to working with them. Don’t go out and purchase a dozen or more crystals if you can’t be attentive to their needs. I know what you are saying …..rocks have needs…they are not rocks but stones……and yes they have needs. Choose a stones and crystals that resonate with you and serve your needs make sure you know what you want your stone or crystal to help you with before you purchase it. Many crystals and stones are specialist at helping people manifest different things in their life such as money, health, love, passion, or protection so research and think about your goals.

Now you have your crystals it’s time to clean and charge your stones there are various ways to do this you choose what is best for your stones and you. The most important thing is building a relationship with your stone like you would with any pet. You will be able to work with the energy better the more closely you know your stone or crystal. You can clear your stones with running water but a spring or river water is best, you can sage them, you can use sea salt but this is not good for all crystals, sunlight charges and cleanses crystals but this is not good for all stones. My favorite is laying all of my stones and crystals out in the moon light this charges all stones and crystals, you can place them outdoors or in the window sill. You can also bury stones or crystals in a bowl of rice or soil to help charge them as well make sure to discard rice after use.

Next charge your crystal or stone with the purpose you intend to use it. Hold the stone in your hand and imagine your energy flowing into that stone for that purpose. Keep holding the stone until you feel a connection take your time there is no rush. Many times I anoint my stones with the oil to help communicate my purpose what I can’t say to the stone the oil can. That is just the way my mind works or I feel like nature communicate with its environment. Keep your stones and crystals in view so you can communicate with them they are like plants or pets they need attention. I keep my work crystals and stones on my altar and keep my other crystals and stones throughout my home to keep the energy field clean and ward off negative energy.

If you are using crystals and stones for altar work, energy work be sure you clean and recharge stones or crystals after each use. To use stones or crystals in candle work you can surround the stones around your candles as it burns think of your desired goals or you can hold the stone in your hand as your visualize your desires. Many people are not sure how to use crystals and stones in candle work crystals and stones can be used in various metaphysical practices when you know how to use the energy. Crystals and stones has help me tremendously on my altar as I work with candles. I have used them in energy healing  and meditation but never realize  how I could use them in candle work until did more research on the subject.

Penelope Stewart B. Msc.