The spiritual awakening for the African is very unique from others who lack melanin, it because of this melanin our DNA we have a bio-spiritual connection to the ALL and our ancestors. It is a natural science for the DNA try to repair itself, there is primordial DNA in the African called melanin. No I am not trying to make this about race not the intention here at all I am talking of metaphysical science Quantum physics, the discussion here is the unique spiritual awakening of the African on a scientific spiritual level. This topic does not get attention in the discussions of spiritual science melanin is like the God of energy it sustains life itself and Africans share this unique bond with nature. Africans scientifically are 100% humans knowing these scientific facts gives humanity vital answers that society continue to ignore.

Once the African begins to come into these scientific and spiritual facts many questions come to mind. There are 10 awakening symptoms Africans will experience that they can’t share with others that doesn’t look African. The reason is that the illusion that is being forced upon people of color white supremacy created by so called white skin people for the lack of a better word are comfortable in this illusion that is created for them because it serves them well. Many simply refuse to have this discussion knowing the spiritual sciences began with our African indigenous ancestors the shamans, healers, lightworkers, its very interesting to me how these individuals use these terms and then tell you your melanin don’t matter.

Yes, melanin matters you will realize this as you began to awaken as an African you will begin to think, thinking leads to heighten intuition.

  1. You will begin to access complex information intuitively you just know.
  2. When you study African history you begin to vividly experience past life through images, visions, or experience strong emotions
  3. You realize the falsehoods in many religions
  4. You may experience moments of anger when you think of the enslavement of ancestors
  5. You long to find other awaken Africans like yourself
  6. You desire a more spiritual, intellectual, and holistic lifestyle.
  7. You are able to sense things on a deeper level, maybe even see ancestors, or experience vivid dreams.
  8. You become drawn to African spirituality and spiritual systems.
  9. You have a desire to honor your ancestors spiritually and find purpose in your life.
  10. You have a strong longing to see all African awakened

The best way for Africans to embrace their awakening process is to honor their symptoms. Read, find purpose by following the steps of your ancestors, try to engage in friendships with other awaken Africans this will help you stay away from people that live in an illusion. Make sure you exercise, meditate , and spend time in nature this will help your energy stay balanced. It is very difficult to come in contact with individuals that live in these illusions, remember the mind is energy, everything is energy this energy will throw your mind in a state of confusion if you are not careful and can disturb your creative potential. So be careful with individuals that are still operating out of beliefs and have not accepted the spiritual sciences entirely, they simply refuse to ignore the spiritual power of melinated beings. We inherited these spiritual gifts from our ancestors and it has always been linked with our melanin. A melinated metaphysical mind is very powerful you will become  more aware of this in your awakening process.

It’s difficult for my African mind to understand how people can label themselves shamans, lightworkers, starseeds, indigo, crystal children, voodoo priest, and never speak against this white supremacy system that have destroyed the original indigenous shamans, healers, vodoun priest, the Obeah men and women real wise ones. When it is spoken of it is labeled as negative or low vibrational, however the fact remain that it continues to be a spiritual reality, and historical reminder for Africans. You won’t hear them tell the Native Americans to forget their ancestors or their history nor tell the Jews forget about their unfortunate past of their ancestors.

Yes, we are all one and are evolving. However, the Africans awakening process is about the return of our ancestors. We must return to the original mental state of our ancestors, this an important process of our awakening process. Spiritual awakening is about becoming conscious of the truth and living in that truth we are all connected regardless of skin tones. We become entirely awakened when we embrace TRUTH no matter how painful it may be if you don’t experience any pain there is no way to know you are healed. The discussion of racism is still painful for some white skinned people to discuss it should signal a healing needs to take place but instead it is seen as a threat. We heal ourselves by living in truth African people remember we are 100% human and our humanity is being threatened by a virtual reality called white supremacy.

If we truly want to experience unity and oneness we simply must stop ignoring the truth.

If you are an awaken African in the Arkansas, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville area, please come out and share your awakening story, thoughts, knowledge or if you simply want to socialize with other awaken Africans. We meet on Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm. Find us on Facebook for more information . Light and love may the ancestors be with you.


Penelope Stewart B. Msc.