African cosmology, the fundamental purpose of life is to preserve the intrinsic order and sustain the synchronistic harmony of the universal cosmos. This includes searching and showing the truth to people that are unaware of it melanin is the key element in helping Africans tune into the frequency of synchronicity. Melanin gives African people superior physical, mental, and spiritual abilities. For example sports, inventors, and spiritual leaders that are African excel in their profession or interest.  A melinated mind is a superior absorber of energy therefore is more sensitive to communication with the higher mind and access other spiritual information. It is for this reason the most famous spiritual leaders are beings of color.

During meditation a melinated mind might experience memory recall of a past life, this is the DNA we share with our ancestors that is giving us access to ancestral knowledge. You may also begin to ask questions and the answer just appears in the mind with no prior knowledge, melanin is a God molecule that acts as a catalyst to communicate with unseen dimensions. This is another reason why shamanism is becoming popular among the New Age movement predominately practice by humans that lack color. They know it is an authentic spiritual practice so many are trying to become certified shamans if there is such a thing.

All individuals having melanin in excellence, are blessed with the following capabilities:

1- The ability to reach higher level of performance; as melanin enhances the entire efficiency of our being,

2- The ability to maintain high energy level, in adverse condition. Melanin has the potential to transform solar energy, electro-magnetic energy, electricity, microwaves, music/sound waves, radar, waves, radio TV waves, thermal waves X-rays, cosmic rays, and U.V light; into kinetic energy (energy we derive from food for things like growth and bodily repairs), without the need to eat,

3- The ability to relieve the brain from its responsibility of bodily coordination; as melanin can also supervise physiological functions without the need to report to the brain. As bodily impulse can be supervised by any concentration of melanin, present in the body, this brings about two things. Firstly, there is the acceleration of our bodily responses and reflects, against stimuli. And secondly, there is the heightening of the brain’s faculties to concentrate further on intellectual, emotional and Spiritual matters,

4- The ability to delay the aging process, and protect us from the development of skin cancer. The reflection of melanin in our skins, protects us from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Melanin absorbs the UV rays, and converts this energy into melanin,

5- Melanin has the miraculous ability to duplicate itself. This is the first chemical which can capture light to reproduce itself. It also can duplicate itself even when the necessary energy sources are unavailable,

Melanin is also what gives us intelligence. Ancients African mastered the universe to a very high level, they discovered that we, Africans, had an innate intelligence that could be measured as being equal to the geometrical angle of the earth = 360 degrees. They developed this intelligence in institutions such as the Mysteries Schools in Kemet (Egypt) and Nubia.

When Kemet was invaded, the Europeans destroyed all these schools and brought most of the materials to Greece. Eurasians being a mixed people possessed the most intelligence and higher level of perception and spirituality. The people who has the less melanin brains has limited capacity to store intelligence. We can witness this by seeing how the Caucasians are just coming to the realization that our indigenous ancestors are highly educated shamans for a lack of better words. The image of the cosmos is black; the color black represents life every color comes from black.  It holds thousands and thousands of information. It serves as a video camera to record information. Every single information is stored in the cosmos. These information sometimes we receive in forms of light and sound. Around us there is an invisible magnetic force, which helps us obtain better sound and light waves. That’s why we are always in tune with whatever kind of rhythmic or natural sound.

Our ancestors possessed a great knowledge about melanin; with it they built great African civilizations, that started on the Nile Valley and later reached the four corners of the continent, and developed different forms of spirituality to a very high level, which later gave birth to the world’s major religions. Melanin has a link with religion and spirituality, as our ancestors discovered. Religion is a white man invention. No word has yet been found in any African language meaning religion.

Africans communicate with the spiritual world when we sleep. It occurs naturally. It is the same as when we dream. The third eye or pineal gland, (inner eye) is the eye that serves to give us vision, spirituality, dreams, and necromancy. This eye produces on a daily basis an hormone known as melatonin.

Melanin is what makes human beings be god-like, and gain godly spiritual power and consciousness. Perhaps this is the reason ancient Africans believed that we are made in God’s image, with the power and ability to live in harmony with nature.

From what we understand the spiritual dimension of melanin, give us the ability to;

1- Reach higher level of consciousness. Melanin sharpens our psychological awareness, while giving us a deeper comprehension of life,

2- Melanin has a mild sedative effect, keeping us calm and collected; while generating within us compassion for ourselves and others, and helps to keep us in tune with the environment, and music,

3- Naturally intoxicate our senses. Melanin can induce an altered state of consciousness, giving us the sensation of feeling high, without the need for “drugs”,

4- Use a larger percentage, of our brain. It is a known fact most people use approximately 5 per cent of their brain; as their thinking is typically concentrated on the left hemisphere of the brain, with the gift of melanin, we are able to make use of both sides of our hemisphere.

Melanin is indeed the key to our spirituality. Spirituality and organization are the key to our liberation. There are no historical records that document African people using religion such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc., to successfully liberate themselves or to manage to totally defeat their evil adversaries.

African spirituality, which has existed ever since we were created, began worshiping God, and admiring the beauty and complexity of the universe, is the only key to our survival. Our ancestors mastered the sciences of the cosmos we are now returning to the knowledge of our ancestors.


Penelope Stewart B. Msc.;wap2