In these troubled times it can be very difficult to stay in positive vibrations so much is going on in the world. When I first became awakened I enjoyed being conscious of the world around me, but I was also aware of the things in the world that were negative and it made me sad inside. The more I begin to awaken I became more sensitive to energy, that is a buy product of embracing a more spiritual lifestyle. The challenge is learning how to balance those energies and use them to enhance your life so you can enjoy more happiness, abundance, and good health as much as possible. If you want to attract these good vibes you must be vibrating on those frequencies.




  1. Find an exercise you enjoy. Exercise helps get you get in more oxygen to your body which in turns cleans the blood in your body moving that stagnated energy out of your body. Oxygen is an energy that helps keeps the body balanced.


  1. Meditate helps you control your thoughts that may cause sadness or depression. It will help you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and deal with your inner unresolved issues. Most all helps inspire you and channel divine creativity.



  1. Become conscious of what you expose yourself to such as music, television, places, things you read, and people. These things can have low vibrations and can have an effect on your energy. So anything that is lowering your vibrations you want to remove it.


  1. Drink plenty of water. I have a problem with this one, so I use coconut water to help me enjoy drinking water more. It does a good job of keeping me hydrated I see a big change in my skin. I pour half coconut water in my water container the other half regular water.



  1. Spend time in nature. Most time I like taking my power walks among nature I am doing two things at once. I like to exercise outside because it not only connects me with nature but it also cleans my aura, being among the grass and trees the oxygen is pure and does a good job of cleaning our light body.


  1. Make sure you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables foods that are plant based that are alive. Sometimes eating too much meat can weigh you down making you feel drained. You will find when you put more veggies and fruits in your body your energy is better you can perform better. You have a better quality of energy.



  1. Energy healing, occasionally get your aura clean. Schedule an energy therapy session. This helps your energy stay balance and keeps you vibrating high to attract good things in your life. You will feel good after your session your energy will thank you.


  1. Engage in finding your life purpose take time for yourself to explore your spiritual talents. Everyone has a gift you should focus on helping that gift unfold. What puts you in an inspirational mood? Read a spiritual subject that interest you.



  1. My favorite is making sure your home is a sanctuary for high vibrations. It’s important that your homes support your creativity and gives you a sense of peace. Buy crystals, sage, and incense helps keeps your home positive and in high vibrations. There are stones like tourmaline or sea salt absorbs negative energy. I have stones and other object throughout my home to keep the vibrations high.





  • Practice forgiveness this doesn’t mean you allow people to continually hurt you. Try to heal from the boundary crossed and find that moment to forgive the individual it doesn’t mean you have to allow them back into your life.

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Rev.Penelope Stewart B.Msc.