Jesus never existed this is very difficult for African Americans to grasp. When I make this statement my African brothers and sisters immediately become offended. But it should not surprise us at all since this character Jesus was given to us during slavery. Jesus was used as the reason to enslave African people the Bible was frequently waved over our heads as our slave owners would punish our ancestors that were slaves. Our ancestors were not allow to call on their own God for good reason because it worked and Europeans saw this as evil, anything that would prevent them from mistreating our ancestors was evil. They would not allow our ancestors to read or practice their own religion, however they were allowed to call on Jesus. Why do you think this was allowed? Did Jesus every prevent the mistreatment of our ancestors?

Calling on Jesus was allowed because it kept Africans disconnected from our ancestors cutting  us off from having spiritual power to prevent our situation. Jesus was never a real person neither is he an ancestor to the African people. African people have been calling on Jesus for centuries but we are still the most mistreated race in the world. We belong to various religions calling on gods that don’t look like our ancestors and we still lack getting any relief from mistreatment. In fact we can practice and be committed to any religion better than the founders of the religion. A very good example is Christianity, Africans are very spiritual we put our heart and soul into connecting with God we are a very peculiar people like no other race we love to praise the creator which makes us very unique.

There is absolutely no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed in fact the Jesus story is very old and can be linked to ancient African ancestors the story of Heru/Horus is nothing more than a personification of the sun. These were stories told by our ancestors to help us understand astrology, biology,  and cosmology, it was never meant to be taken literally. But if you are plagiarizing something and don’t fully understand what it means you will misinterpret its meaning, that’s  what has happened with the Bible.  This is one reason why the Bible is not a textbook in school curriculum it not a factual book, it is allegory.We should refrain from calling on the name Jesus it disconnects us from our ancestors and limits our spiritual power. Jesus is not our ancestor he was never an actual person.

Why are African ancestors so important? Our African ancestors are our so call Jesus to put it in simple terms. They died so we could be here it is them who make intercession for us when we pray not Jesus. Many of our African ancestors were deified they lived a high moral lives and were good advisors to our African people many purified themselves to godhood and serve as spirit guides to Africans. I am speaking of spiritual knowledge you are not going to get in Christianity. Many religions lack spiritual knowledge and operates out of the rules of men. It always confused me how can someone die for your sins and you are not to experience anymore misfortunes. But it never worked that way, Jesus is used to entrap people mentally, spiritually, and emotionally there is no real freedom in serving Jesus. If you question Jesus or the religion at all you are seen as a devil, satan, and you stand of risk of going to hell. There is no real hell this was made up to enslave people minds and spirits. You can clearly see this Jesus was meant to keep you ignorant and complacent, 2,000 years has pass and we have yet to see a Jesus.

When I use to pray in the name of Jesus I saw no results, I thought I was doing something wrong. I could never figure out why my prayers were not being answered I did just as the Bible said I prayed in Jesus name, put more money in church and followed all the rules but still I was not getting any relief in my life. Then one day I began to pray I decided to end the prayer by saying in the name of the Most High and my forefathers I pray, and I begin to see my prayers being answered. I didn’t really know how this was working but it was working, at this time I had no knowledge of my ancestors and the importance of ancestors in African spiritual systems. But I began to see changes in my life when I began to pray in the name of my ancestors. It didn’t feel like a hit and miss sort of thing anymore I was actually able to see results.

Our ancestors have our back no matter what they want what is best for us. They know how it is to live in a world that don’t particularly like African people. When we pray for our ancestors we are healing ourselves and our ancestors elevating them on the spiritual realm healing our ancestral karma that is what this life is all about correcting and repairing ourselves spiritually and mentally. Our ancestors are forever linked to us through our DNA they serve as our spirit guides. We are actually being haunted by our ancestors when we continue to call on this Jesus some of our families are dysfunctional and suffer from all sorts of ailments because our ancestral lineage needs to healed on a spiritual level, this starts with us praying to the Most High (not Jesus) to help heal our ancestors, we are sending Divine light to the spiritual realm, which in turn aide us in living a better physical like. The ancestors can not help us if we refuse to call on them, they operate just like angels if you don’t ask for their assistance they can intervene.

Many of us already talk to our deceased loved ones and we know they are with us watching over us. I found this out about my grandmother, one day I was so sad I missed having heart to heart conversations with my grandmother she taught me so much about life as we talk. I was sitting on the side of the bed crying out to her wishing she was here with me and suddenly a picture of her floated out of thin air. I had no pictures of my grandmother at all so this was such a surprise to me.This let me know my grandmother was with me the next day I asked my mom did she some way have a duplicate picture of grandma she could have slipped to me unnoticed she said no. I showed her the picture of grandma that floated out of thin air we both were speechless. You will also notice when someone close to you dies you will have an urge to speak and communicate with them, at this point you ignore religion and you are doing what seems to be natural.

Finally, I made up my mind that I wanted to work closer with my ancestors but I didn’t want to offend the Most High. I had been working with angels off and on for years but recently reconnected with working with them more I asked the angels was it okay for me to work with ancestors. Instantly, they spoke into my spirit and said we are the same thing I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it how could this be? Why didn’t anyone tell me this? The angels knew I didn’t believe it suddenly they began to direct me to books and information that confirmed they were ancestors that were turned into angels by Europeans. Angels are the Neteru, Orisha our ancestors have honored and observed for centuries they are direct animations of the Most High expression through nature.

I know it takes some time to accept these spiritual facts, my advice is to peel off the Jesus lies a little at a time. It help me to learn as much as could about African history and spirituality, I also asked my spirit guides to help me process the information as I would read and study. (Everyone has a spirit guide or guardian angel from birth) Next I challenge you to start talking to your ancestors you will be able to see their presence with the synchronicity in your life. You will begin to see the ancestors intervene on your behalf in subtle ways things will just turn out for your best interest.

I know many of you will say why does it matter if I believe in Jesus. It matters a great deal every time you close your eyes thinking of a white deity a white man with long hair and blue eyes the media and movies in America still depicts this false image this way. This sends a message to the the subconscious mind that white people are gods. As a metaphysical minister I understand the dangers in programming the mind with lies masked as be-lie-fs. Metaphysics is the study of the mind and how it responds to nature and the world round it. The mind has the power to project its own hell or heaven some of us are unconscious of this fact.



When I see African pastors today I don’t understand how they don’t see the spiritual dangers in teaching  Jesus. It teaches people how to worship men something outside of themselves. Preachers are getting rich because the religion is to idolize a man, many people are being taken advantage of because they lack proper spiritual knowledge. Our ancestors didn’t know any better or know any real knowledge of self but now we know. We have access to knowledge now we can honor our ancestors and stop idolizing men.We can focus on honoring our ancestors by creating a better future for our children. Now is the time to  spiritually heal from the devastation of Diaspora. We will see less mistreatment of African people because the mind and  spirit will heal the thinking and focus will change on loving ourselves and our ancestors.


Metaphysical Minister Penelope Stewart B.Msc.