Water is at the very heart of life creation. Sitting by a waterfall or on the rocks at the edge of the ocean on a sunny day, one can feel the energy of the water in our body. Water is closely linked to the emotions. There is a strong resonance of water with humans. Our ancestors were fascinated by its magic and there is a vast mythology linked to water. But water is beyond time, for it bears in its flow the seeds of future life, as well as the memory of past life. Water mediates between life and death, between being and not being, between health and sickness. We have lost touch with the magic of water, the freshness of the mountain spring, the reflection in a mountain lake, the mystery of the sacred well. We just take for granted that water will come at the turn of a tap.



I just love sitting near the river, lakes, and ponds when I need to collect my thoughts, I am just intuitively drawn to water. Never once did I question my need to be near water to renew my spirit as a spiritual conducive response to my spiritual needs. It is not until I was introduced to a beautiful river ritual by another spiritualist I put the connections together my spirit was speaking to me but I was not listening. After this ritual I wanted to find more information on this ritual, my intuition was telling me that this was a very ancient ritual. One of the principal cultural ceremonies of the Pacific Northwest indigenous tribes in British Columbia was the ‘potlatch’, believed to have been practiced for thousands of years. Usually a part of this complex ceremony was given to the recitation of the spiritual traditions of the tribe. The ‘speaker’, a position often handed down in one of the chief families, performed this important role.

Water was/is a sacred medium of communication to our ancestors and they felt its sounds should be the vehicle for teaching their traditions.

How water informs language is hinted by many of the ancient scripts which employ flowing lines like water in their characters (for instance Hebrew). The key to understanding water and living more in tune with our environment is to learn to see and feel holistically as part of a community of beings – human, animal, microbial, and botanical – united by a common bond of water. It is through the medium of water that we all share a common heritage – we are all One.

Ancient mystical systems, especially Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist, held water in particular reverence and understood some of its quantum qualities, even if they did not describe them in the terms of quantum science. Water is the epitome of holism. It connects all of life; and life cannot exist without it. Spiritual and mystical experiences have a strong link with holism.

Dynamic water, when it is alive and energized, performs the roles of initiating and operating all the processes of life. The most important function of biological water is to facilitate rapid inter-communication between cells and connective tissues, so that the organism can function as a coordinated whole. Though not recognized by mainstream science, living water in fact performs this intercommunication function between all organisms, groups of organisms, populations, natural kingdoms and the world, creating a network of sensitivity throughout all of life, even between life on Earth and the Cosmos, so that nothing can happen without affecting other processes; all are linked together by water. In this way, it drives evolution.2


There is a ritual called the Ganga Arti that is very ancient and popular in India. Ganga Arti is a devotional ritual that uses fire as an offering, a small diya with a candle and flowers that float down the river. The offering is made to the Divine Mother river Ganga gives liberation to our ancestor’s souls. The offering made to Goddess Ganga also referred to as Maa Ganga goddess of the most holy river, the idea is the light acquire the power of the deity.

If you are interested in performing this very old ancient ritual to celebrate the full moon and honor ancestors, you should go to your nearest river. You will need an offering there are many things to choose from fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, candles, or paper prayer petitions. Make sure all your products for your offering are Eco-friendly. Water is very powerful in helping us make connections with our ancestors.

In Eastern tradition, when you greet someone, you bow your head to them or palm your hands together in front of your heart in recognition of that person’s Divine nature, because our biological water (or blood) is a sacred link to the Divine in all of us.


Metaphysical Minister Penelope Stewart B.Msc


The Hidden Metaphysical Properties of Water