bma1When I use the terms Kemetic or Moor I am not speaking on religion but a description of  indigenous aboriginal African ancestors. We must be careful with labels after all labels were created to bring division among our ancestors. This is what inspired me to write on this subject, we must tell the story of our ancestors in its correct form so much of their history has been omitted and replaced with lies.

Our ancestors have a historical legacy of building the most advanced civilization including right here in the Americas, yes we were already here before Christ, Columbus, Spaniards, and Mexicans, and before the Clovis people aka Native Americans Euro version crossed the Barring Straits.There is evidence of our ancestors being the first inhabitants all of the world. However these labels hide our true identity many people can easily look over the truth with the deception of labels. Pay attention words such as Canaan, Phoenician, Muur/Moor, Semitic,  Sumerians, Ancient Egypt/Kemet, Hamite, and sometimes Hebrew.

There were black Kemetic Moor/Muur indigenous ancestors here in the Americas from Louisiana to California our people t lived near the river it was essential to their everyday lives. Just like our indigenous ancestors in Africa they were targeted for enslavement by European invaders. When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I was amazed at how Native Americans look like me they didn’t resemble the T.V. version at all. I was recently at a vendor event and witness a Native American in Arkansas that look just like me. Again these labels can deceive us. So it is never a surprise to me when I find out our indigenous ancestors are found to be the first inhabitants on these continents contrary what American schools try to teach us.







Our ancestors establish powerful matriarchal empire that ruled the ancient world for thousands of years. The original indigenous inhabitants of California was populated by our ancient ancestors  are descendants of West Africa, South American Olmec’s, Egypt, Asia, and the Pacific Island. The dynasty was ruled by Queen Khalifa in California, Cali itself means black referring to the Great Mama Kali who true lineage of power reached across the globe if you are interested in knowing more about matriarchal rule in the ancient world read a blog I wrote some time ago called “The Sybil” there is also a book by the same name by Mama Zogbe.The black indigenous ancestors of California suffered the greatest abuse because of the gold rush. This information is omitted not just to hide the identity of our ancestors but also to deny the rites of true royalty to rule by our ancestral mothers. This was the biggest massacre and fraud in history, yet it is ignored by colonizers.

According to the American Anthropology Association Africans left African and migrated into Asia, so please don’t let that negate the fact that Asian ancestors are descendants from Africa. Washitaw, Yamasee, Cherokee, Iruquois and Blackfoot are all black tribes, especially the tribes in the southern states. There is also the Nation of Moor which are recognized as indigenous people this is not interchangeable with Muslim despite what you have been told, Moor is a descriptive title for our ancestors not religious. Moor is a greek word that means black just like the word Kemet our ancestors were infamous with choosing names to describe their appearance although Europeans try to hide it through creating labels. We have a international identity we are the indigenous aborignal people on this planet to limit our identity to a nationality would be limit the world wide history of our ancestors.







Many people ask me questions about changing their nationality to Moor. But my questions to them what fact is it changing the word only mean you are claiming you are officially a black indigenous person, however just by looking at your skin tone and your wooly hair true history knows this fact and ignores it. The real task is demanding that history books be truthful in telling history accurately. Most of us already identify with our indigenous roots African American, Black, Negro, or colored by giving us these labels it still reveals our true identity. The fact still remain we are descendants of Kemetic Moor Black ancestors there is no denying it your skin is a badge that unveils this truth.