Melanin is a pigment that is connected with nature found in most organism our indigenous ancestors share this common link with nature they were able to absorb information in their environment. Many of our indigenous, Kemetic, black ancestors possessed this gift. We were able to able to sense energy shifts in nature, many were healers and shamans able to communicate with their environment. Indigenous culture view nature as a living breathing entity communicating with humans through nature, animals, wind, water,fire, and earth.

This gift is passed on to many of us by our female relatives, this is not so much of a surprise women are responsible for bringing life into this world. The womb itself is a spiritual portal the woman is responsible for guiding the soul through the portal into the physical body. In African indigenous culture the ancestors return through this portal continuing the work and path of previous ancestors the real key to immortality. We are truly our ancestors.






Throughout my life I would experience moments of sadness or depression sometimes unbearable. There would be this soothing calming voice that would console and comfort me. Many times the voice would give me information about things getting better and they would. I would share these experiences with my Mom because she shared some of these same happenings with me. It was parts of me that knew I inherited these spiritual senses from my mother. But I didn’t now we inherited these gifts from my grandmother until further research.


One day I vividly recall having one of my empathic episodes that manifested in extreme sadness and depression. Suddenly I remember the long conversations I would have with my grandmother about her life experiences, her stories would always give me good guidance. In that moment I missed her so much I cried out to her even though my grandmother had been deceased about 10 years. I missed her so much almost immediately I saw a picture of my grandmother float out of the ceiling from no where, mind you I had no pictures of my grandmother. My mom has a family photo album with all the family pics in it. This did not scare me at all as weird as it was, it gave me peace. Things began to look up in my life after this happened.

In the past I was very aware of angels and I worked with them regularly in my spiritual growth. However as I began to know more about myself reading more books on African history and spiritual practices I ran into the importance of of honoring ancestors. Through research I found that angels are the equivalent of ancestors. The angels originated from the African gods and ancestors which Europeans altered into their culture as angels. That is why angels are non-denominational they are able to work with any religion. This is further evidence that humans do not need religion but spirituality.

As I gained more knowledge of myself this also gave me answers of why African Americans are so soulful. Why we so talented in our creativity , spiritual practices and sports many of these talents are directly inherited from our ancestors. I began to honor my ancestors immediately began to see positive changes in my life. I had never received such a fast response from angels like I do when I communicate with ancestors. The ancestors began to communicate with me through nature, putting images in my mind, sometimes through family members. I was just amused by this energy it was amazing how the ancestors had such an impact in my life. They also told me I receive these empathic abilities from my family, the ancestors start putting information in my mind to research until all the puzzles fit.


Penelope Stewart B. Msc