The New Age is a term applied to a range of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices that developed by Caucasoids in Western nations during the 1970s. Precise scholarly definitions of the movement differ in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure. When I first began to awaken I was a follower of New Age this is before I knew more about myself as an aboriginal indigenous person who ancestors were devastated by slave trade. The New Age movement makes every attempt to associate themselves with indigenous cultures and spiritual practices. However their ancestors have little if any connections to indigenous cultures, even worse they depict these spiritual beings like Lemurians and Alteans as looking milky white. My intuition instantly told me something is wrong with this picture. Why would the first humans of civilization be white? Scientist have confirmed that the first humans were indigenous dark skinned people that migrated out of Africa and settled all over the world. This is one reason when anthropologist and archeologist began to research the first human inhabitants on a continent they usually find indigenous Negroid people.

The New Age has even went as far is making our ancient indigenous ancestors appear to be aliens in some form, this even made me more suspicious of the movement. How in the world were these Caucasoid people embracing these aliens and most of them can’t embrace dark skinned people right her on earth. Like our ancestor John Henry Clarke said. ” I knew something was wrong with the concept of angels when they were all depicted as white.” Eventually, I begin to research more about me and my culture when I discovered what was happening in the New Age movement. The ancestors clearly showed me what this movement is all about.





The New Age are a group of people majority of them are Caucasoid, trying desperately to perfect their spirituality. These people are only 6,000 year old race, we us the indigenous aboriginal dark skinned people we are older than them.  We aboriginal indigenous people been here 100,000 of years before them we have the codes in or DNA directly linked to the cosmos an essence of primordial energy. We are the first spark one with Universe people of Muu.Mu populated an enormous portion of North America, because MU was almost connected to North America in the west. While most of North America was covered by ice, South America, Central America, and Mexico was populated (exclusively) with dark-skinned peoples from MU. Many of which migrated to the high North America regions after the ice receded. It’s said that a lot of the MU/Lemurian’s migrated to California, in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, California.






The movement is more about trying to find a spiritual identity for these people. But in the process they want to adopt the spiritual practices of our ancestors but not relinquish the lies in Christianity and history. This is real key to their spiritual evolution but many continue to distort or ignore this fact. We must remember our ancestors if we are to heal ourselves. Do they remember their ancestors? I have tried to open a dialogue with some of these people about these issues, but many are offended by the mention of the topic.

The process of the awakening continue as more Mu, Muurs, aboriginal people are beginning to wake up to their ancient connections with the cosmos and earth. The ancestors are unlocking information within our DNA giving us access to more spiritual knowledge. There are many African American, Negroes, or black people reconnecting with their aboriginal ancestral heritage.






Near the Washitaw river there is on the Washitaw Mountain water spew over natural minerals, crystals, lodestones, magnetizing water that creates healing properties. There are many crystal mines in Hot Springs, Arkansas that were never claimed by our aboriginal ancestors. Alteans Olmec aboriginal ancestors who are descendants of the LeMurrian  hid three powerful crystals here in Arkansas during the Deluge.These stones are capable of bending space time continuum, which are transmitting codes in many parts of the world. These stones are helping many of us who think we are African American, Negro, or black awaken to the knowledge we are descendants of aboriginal ancestors. These ancestors have been on this land of the Amuuricans and other continents for 100,000 years.

We the aboriginal are the returning the ancient ones will once again walk the earth. We are the people of the earth we are the primordial there is no beginning or ending we are the Universe in the flesh the reflection of the Universe. We possess the the power to shift the Universe with Divine Consciousness. We have the access codes of the cosmos within our DNA. We are the original blueprints for the planet. Please African Americans, Negro, black people do not fall for the New Age deception of aliens or these white beings this is just more psychological warfare.

It is important to find out about your culture when you are trying to find yourself spiritually. The first rule to spiritual growth is to know yourself that means, your family, ancestors, and culture these are extensions of you. When I began to embrace myself and learn more about me my DNA began to open and the ancestors began to reveal themselves to me. There are many others that are trying to wake up and many of us are trying to help.

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.