loom-screenshot_2016-12-11-23-33-40 I was in a Facebook group called Black&Elevated when I saw a post on the blessing loom. Isis Ra El was the name of the person in the group that was marketing this loom. I thought it was cool everyone in one space helping each other by pooling their money together to help themselves and others. Your name starts at the bottom of the loom until it reaches the center. They called it easy peasy very nice term for something that is absolutely dishonest. When the loom first start the goal is get all the names filled on the bottom these are the one’s that has given $100 to get on the loom and have opportunity of moving up on the loom.

Well as the loom continue you will slowly see others move up on the loom as new comers give $100 to get on the loom. Instead of letting people stay on the loom giving them the opportunity to move to the center the loom is split. In my situation I witness the person Kim Morris running the loom put themselves on the loom twice and place herself in the center. This is when I knew something was definitely wrong, I began to ask questions and I was blocked out the group. Kim Morris called me I told her about my concerns about others getting paid. I informed her Isis had inbox me and told me she hadn’t been paid she immediately began to try to discredit Isis. She said Isis was spreading negativity in the group that is why she split the loom. Again, this was puzzling to me I thought to myself. You are going to let everyone else suffer because of one person? Why not take Isis off the loom and allow her to run her own loom? I decided to go review their profile both women Isis and Kim live in the same state and city. I didn’t trust it because it appeared they were playing the blame game to keep members in the loom confused. This confirmed my feeling when Isis tried to convince me to take down my post on Facebook warning people about the loom.

There is absolutely no reason to split the loom unless you are trying to run a scam. It would be better to remove people from the center of the loom after that have benefited from it, then allow others to move up  the loom as each member take their time going to the center this makes more sense. However when the loom is split this leaves member alone to raise the money themselves to get blessed through the loom. What has actually happened is they have taken your money and left you out in the wind basically.

It is absolutely a shame that our people in the conscious black community use something that has a potential to be beneficial but instead it is use to scam others. What is really sad is we could use this loom thing to nation build everyday of the year, but instead it is used to take advantage of our people once a year around Christmas. This is almost worse than Christian ministers selling our people hope while they suffer. It was really disgusting to see spiritualist like Antranette Doe in the scam claiming this is something our ancestors did, our ancestors practice group economics everyday for the greater good of all not to swindle people out to their money one time out of the year. The best way to honor the ancestors is to participate in helping each other everyday instead using one day out the year to rob your ancestors. When you swindle your own people you are actually stealing from the ancestors we are our ancestors. I surely pray this article prevent any of our people being victimize by these greedy trolls.

I am still considering the matter of contacting the attorney general in the state where these people reside. These people need to learn they can’t do people this way.


Penelope Stewart B.Msc