Prayers and spells can come in many forms a charm, invocation, spoken or unspoken which result in some sort of supernatural effect many call magic. The word magic sounds more like some sort of fantasy or illusion. The term metaphysics is the more appropriate term to explain the scientific process that causes the desire to manifest. Our ancient ancestors understood the energy of thoughts and feeling and words that allowed them to tap into Universal power.




First let us examine the meaning of the word spell it is a mysterious word in meaning which is defined by placing letters in a particular order to create a word. This means we are creating a spell when we speak or write basically words, thoughts spoken or unspoken are spells. When we allow our being to attach to words and call on our spiritual helpers and or higher Power we give life to these words.

It is not a coincidence that the words of the bible are described as life and the tongue is said to give life or death. It is sounds and frequencies that created the Universe, we use these same sounds and frequencies when we pray or spell. Many people even Christians don’t like the term spell, however they participate in spells everyday through words, prayer and thoughts.





There are many ways to conduct a prayer or spell its not complicated. Many religions do this everyday with a prayer cloth, pins, papers, crosses and amulets they imbue the items with the powers of their words and calling upon their deity, spirit guides, or ancestors for help. This is the exact same formulation for a spell, it is not that much different. The spell and prayer can come in the form of a ritual or ceremony. The act of communion, baptism, rain dance, a wedding is a form of a spell.

Many Hoodoo rootworkers, Mambos, Hougans, spiritual workers knew that scriptures in the bible could be used in spell work. The bible contain many scriptures that can aid in prayer and spell work especially Psalms which is an entire book of poems that can be used as spells. The act of a candle vigil added with words is a form of spell work but religions will not admit it.

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Penelope Stewart B.Msc.