Huge mounds can be found through America and Canada. These mounds are placed near or on ley lines sometimes called energy grids. Our ancestors would use the mounds for healing ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, and other festivities. We can also use this energy to heal, to elevate, or connect with those ancient ancestors.

History call these people by various obscure culture names most popular is Pre-Colombian culture. These dark skin people have been present in the America’s for over 100,000 years. This history has been heavily suppressed African Americans are not from so called Africa we are the indigenous people of the American land.


Men were bought in from so call Africa after European settlers killed off our warriors and elders leaving a large number of children and women. Then colonial powers began to breed slaves by forcing these men to mate with our ancestors calling us by new names such as colored, Negro, or African American.

The native Americans you see today are from the so called civilized tribes who chose to assimilate with European powers and agreed to the poor treatment of their dark ancestors. A few of the native Americans refuse to do such a thing this caused major uprisings American history keeps hidden as well.

Recently, there was an article published online stating that Native Americans and slaves were buried in the same cemetery. Descendants of both groups recently came together at the site near Little Rock, Arkansas to observe unmarked African American graves among prehistoric Indian mounds, and discuss what they might do together to learn more and preserve the unmarked graves. Members of the Quapaw Tribe met with members of Preservation of African American Cemeteries (PAAC), along with Dr. John House of the Arkansas Archeological Survey and state Sen. Linda Chesterfield of Little Rock. The meeting sparked feelings of histories colliding—again, it seems—to provide a kind of closure.

It’s obvious that many officials in Arkansas know that the so called African Americans are descendants of the Pre-Columbian civilization that were in the Americas 100,000 years before Native Americans. Many Native Americans admit that they were forced to assimilate to European lifestyles to ensure their survival. Yes, the Native Americans practice racism towards their darker brothers and sisters who were the original inhabitants of the land. The Empress of Washitaw has made a life work of exposing this knowledge to the masses of African Americans that believe they are from Africa, we have been using the term Africa loosely to identify ourselves the correct term would be indigenous. Words like African, Jamaican, Native American, or Afro-Mexican are terms given to us by European powers. These terms were created to make us forget where we came from making it difficult for us to see that we were owners of the land.




If you are living near mounds or any sacred sites indigeous ancestors used for healing, spiritual gatherings, or festivities. You should consider going to these sites to meditate, the sites are filled with energy that will help upgrade our dna a gift from our ancestors. Our ancestors left these markers for us for a reason we too are meant to use them to elevate ourselves mind, body, and spirit. October 1, 2017 we will be meeting at the Toltec Mounds located in Scott, Arkansas at 3pm for Sacred Meditation, the park is open from 1pm-5pm on Sunday. If you are not able to make it to the site there is another sacred site at Willow Beach park located in Scott, Arkansas. This site is also near energy grids the park is beautiful you can feel the spiritual essence of our indigenous ancestors. I had been going there for about 18 years I was drawn to the area little did I know it was the ancestors drawing me to the location. I just know I felt better once I would visit the area, later I found out my great grandmother was from the Blackfoot tribe her original home was in Scott, Arkansas.


Many of us as African Americans have heard the low whispers in our family that we were descendants of the original Native Americans. But we dare not share this knowledge with anyone, it was difficult for us to truly believe it the Native Americans we see today look European. After archaeologist, anthropologist, and historians have done tons of research and studies it is undeniable we are truly the indigenous people of the earth. We are usually the first people on any continent in the world, the longer they dig the darker the people get. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about this subject

Penelope Stewart B.Msc.

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